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1. Password should have minimum length of 8 characters and maximum length of 20 characters.
2. Password should be alpha-numeric combination having minimum one upper case (A to Z), one lower case
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(Allowed Special Characters - $, #, @, %, ^, ~, !, #, ^, &, (, ), _, -).
3. User cannot use string of three or more consecutive identical characters in a password.
4. User cannot use his first name or last name in his password.
5. User password will get expired after 7 days from the last password change.
6. To the forgot password option, user has to enter his login ID, then after system displays the Captcha image, which is required to be updated to the text field provided below the Captcha image.
Then only forgot password e-mail is generated & change password link is sent to the user.
7. Change password link sent to the user via a welcome e-mail or Forgot Password e-mail, will become invalid after  7 days from the sent date of such link.